Quality of Life: For Our Children

I am often asked whether I plan to expand my family further, whether I would like to "try for a boy". But for my husband and I, we are incredibly happy with what we have. There is one main reason as to why a family of five is right for us; this being the quality of life we want for our … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind Unsolicited Advice

It was once said: "Those who know the least will always know it the loudest". I believe this statement is very true. Some people find it difficult to keep their opinions to themselves and will go to extreme lengths to express it. But the irony lies in that their opinion may not be of any … [Read more...]

The Extent of Unconditional Love

It's amazing how much you learn about yourself once you become a parent. You discover how capable you are, how much you're willing to sacrifice, and your ability to love unconditionally. My 3 children have taught me the value of each of these. I often hear people coin the phrase "supermum" when … [Read more...]

People’s Choice Award: PLEASE VOTE!

After a year of sharing my experiences, I have decided to enter the Sydney Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition. I will be judged under: - Best Parenting Blog - Best Young Blogger - People's Choice Award The People's Choice Award votes will depend on all of my supporters; … [Read more...]

Change: How It Affects Our Decisions

All my academic life, I've been taught that the sole purpose of education was to discover that ONE career. That everything we did would eventually lead us onto a path that never strayed. This, I know now, is far from the truth. Since the birth of my 3 children, I have changed so much - … [Read more...]

Envy: How It Limits Success

I've always believed that in order to be successful, you must focus less on others and more on yourself. A person learns to perform at their best through challenging themselves and reflecting back on their weaknesses. That is why I think 'envy' has no place in success. To be envious of someone … [Read more...]

Living in a Judgmental Society

For each of us, it is a natural human response to be curious about those around us. Some people are intrigued about celebrities in magazines, some enjoy gossiping about people they personally know, whilst others comment on strangers they've encountered in passing. But sometimes these behaviours go … [Read more...]