How Learning Helps You Succeed in Life

Inside a Mother's Mind

Life is generally defined as one big "learning curve". We make decisions based on what is right for us, we learn from others' mistakes and accomplishments, and we are inspired by the surroundings around us. The learning that we do every day, no matter how trivial; paves the way to our success in … [Read more...]

Why Being Polite Is Important

I've been laughed at for one of the most peculiar things. My politeness. I'm the sort of person who will ask before using your restroom, ask if it's okay to have the last slice of pizza, and thank you for cooking me dinner even if you're my own mother. I believe in having manners, and showing others … [Read more...]

Overcoming Stress with a Positive Attitude

If you were to pass me in the street, you probably wouldn't realise how much I always have on my mind. I am a stay at home mother who is also trying to start a freelance writing career. My days are filled with appointments for my 3 children; two of them have special needs and my third child is on a … [Read more...]

Why We All Need Each Other

Havaianas Footwear

Someone once said something about me that I'll never forget. My friend and I were having a conversation about people who were emotionally fragile. Not sure about who she was referring to, I asked her if she meant me. Her reply: "No. I'm not talking about you. You're strong as. If something bad … [Read more...]

Be Whoever You Want To Be

Big Rock Candy Mountain CD

We spend all our lives wondering who we truly are. We make mistakes, experiment, change careers, say goodbye to old friends and make new ones, laugh, cry; hoping to be one step closer to finding ourselves. But sometimes we forget that we don't need to strive to be one type of person: we can be many … [Read more...]

Being Happy is a Choice

Broken Lives by Estelle Blackburn

There is one distinct memory of high school that I'll never forget. The day that I met John Button. When I was 17, I was going through the toughest time in my life and I thought I couldn't get out of it. But meeting the man whose life story inspired the book 'Broken Lives' taught me that we are … [Read more...]

Why You Should Love & Appreciate Others

I've never been the biggest advocate of birthdays and holidays. I've always thought the celebrations were too commercialised; there was too much pressure to buy the right gift, ridiculous amounts of money were spent, and there was not enough focus on loving people all year around. But three days … [Read more...]

Everything Happens for a Reason

Negative experiences in our life can make us question whether the right outcome was achieved. When life doesn't go as planned, we end up being filled with regret and seek to find closure within ourselves. But what we don't realise is, maybe the outcome was for the best. Sometimes when you're … [Read more...]