You’ll Never Know Until You Try

When I think back to my high school days, my memories probably fall outside the norm. For me, high school wasn't about the friendships I made, or the transition from childhood into adulthood. Instead, it was about the life lessons I learned within those walls. When I was in my graduating year of … [Read more...]

Why It’s OK to be Selfish Sometimes

A tutor once asked me why I chose to study her Psychology unit. I was sitting in a room filled with 15 other University students, the same question posed to each of us. As the answers circulated, their responses were to the effect of: "Because I'm studying a Bachelor of Psychology degree" to … [Read more...]

The Value of Honesty

Movies can touch our lives and leave us with memorable quotes that we never forget. For me, there is only one. And it's found in many movies. This line always has the same underlying theme - honesty. Whenever a character misbehaves and does the wrong thing, their loved one feels understandably … [Read more...]

Why Success Requires Sacrifice

As I write this post, my household is dead silent. My three young children are asleep in bed and it's almost midnight. Tomorrow will be another day that I balance being a stay at home mother, writer and entrepreneur. Although this is the busiest I have ever been, it's also been the happiest. And I … [Read more...]

How You Can Learn to be a Better Person

Imagine if you were given a pen and a piece of paper. You've been asked to list your weaknesses - the personality traits you thought were undesirable. How many would you list? Would you list the fact that you're too afraid to be who you are, too sensitive, or lacking self-confidence? 7 years ago, I … [Read more...]