Supporting Others in Their Success

I caught some of my friends off guard today. They were unaware that I once had a passion for writing poetry and music, two of my favourite pastimes as a teenager. The even bigger shock to my friends was that I'd once auditioned for Australian Idol. As I smiled and reminisced about my attempt at a … [Read more...]

Balancing the Fun & the Serious

I once received a compliment that made me laugh and smile. A classmate, who I'd only known for two weeks, made a rather blunt observation about my personality. Known for his smart aleck comments, he said to me, "You know what's really cool about you? You're smart, but you're not a nerd." Funnily … [Read more...]

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

As a writer, I always have stories to tell. Some of these stories might inspire, some might lead to self-reflection, some might even change a person's life. But 'story-telling' isn't limited to only writers alone. Everyone you come across in life will have a story to tell. But it is up to each of us … [Read more...]

The World is Not Just Black and White

I've always known I was different. I was the sort of 15 year old who ran twenty-five websites in her spare time, the 16 year old who'd spend hours giving her 22 year old friend relationship advice, and the 17 year old who already knew a lot about marriage. I may have been the typical teenager … [Read more...]

The Value of Honesty

Movies can touch our lives and leave us with memorable quotes that we never forget. For me, there is only one. And it's found in many movies. This line always has the same underlying theme - honesty. Whenever a character misbehaves and does the wrong thing, their loved one feels understandably … [Read more...]

The Fight Against Racism: Why We Are All The Same

Racism has always been a heated topic. We, as a society, yearn to live in a world where we are accepted for who are, not what we look like. But with the raging stereotypes, racism always ends up rearing its ugly head. But what if racism didn't have to exist? What if we could all learn to live … [Read more...]

Why Being Polite Is Important

I've been laughed at for one of the most peculiar things. My politeness. I'm the sort of person who will ask before using your restroom, ask if it's okay to have the last slice of pizza, and thank you for cooking me dinner even if you're my own mother. I believe in having manners, and showing others … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind Unsolicited Advice

It was once said: "Those who know the least will always know it the loudest". I believe this statement is very true. Some people find it difficult to keep their opinions to themselves and will go to extreme lengths to express it. But the irony lies in that their opinion may not be of any … [Read more...]