This is Your Life

I'm not an angry person. Emotional, yes. Angry, no. If something upsets me; I might feel hurt, I might even cry if I feel that bad. But recently, something absolutely infuriated me. You probably know by now that I got married and had children quite young. I don't regret any of my decisions for a … [Read more...]

The World is Not Just Black and White

I've always known I was different. I was the sort of 15 year old who ran twenty-five websites in her spare time, the 16 year old who'd spend hours giving her 22 year old friend relationship advice, and the 17 year old who already knew a lot about marriage. I may have been the typical teenager … [Read more...]

Living in a Judgmental Society

For each of us, it is a natural human response to be curious about those around us. Some people are intrigued about celebrities in magazines, some enjoy gossiping about people they personally know, whilst others comment on strangers they've encountered in passing. But sometimes these behaviours go … [Read more...]