Life, Love and Laughter

Something pretty amazing happening today. Nothing particularly eventful but pretty amazing for me. Today, I laughed the hardest that I have laughed in the past few weeks. My facial cheeks hurt. My stomach felt pained. I was laughing uncontrollably. So why did my fits of laughter mean so much … [Read more...]

When Death Puts Life into Perspective

Today, I found out that a lady at my eldest daughter's school passed away this morning. She was the co-ordinator of the out-of-school care program. I'd talked to this lady before. We shared some laughs. I'd regularly thanked her for holding the school gate open for my kids and I. Although I didn't … [Read more...]

Learning Not to Take Life So Seriously

There are some 'rules' that I don't like to follow. I do follow and respect laws on the road. I do follow social etiquette, such as - not calling loved ones at late times in the night. I believe in acting appropriately in personal and professional situations. But I don't agree with treating dates … [Read more...]

Life is Just Too Short: An Important Lesson from Connecticut

I woke up yesterday believing it would be just another normal day. I turned to the right side of my bed, and grabbed my phone to check my emails. Just like usual, I proceeded to open up my Facebook. Emotions soar through me as I saw status after status update, and link upon link, of the events in … [Read more...]

The Ability to Let Go

One of the biggest lessons I've learnt in life so far, is knowing when to let go. We often struggle to face the reality that while some people are meant to be in our lives, some are not. I once knew someone who wasn't who I believed them to be. I wanted so badly to believe the best in them, that … [Read more...]