Life & Death: Why Living is Still Worth It

13 years ago, my grandfather passed away. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Although I was only 11 years old, his life had already made a tremendous impact on me. Despite his Alzheimer's Disease, I saw a man who loved his children dearly and who had a wife that would give up her life for … [Read more...]

Looking to the Future

In life, when we are confronted with repetition, it is often difficult to find the purpose in things. The tedious nature of our day-to-day activities, makes us question the significance of what we are doing and as to whether we should be doing them at all. For the past two weeks, my husband and … [Read more...]

The Appreciation of All Things

It's often difficult to find the positive things in life when there appears to be so much negative. You question why everything is the way it is and struggle to see what is right in your life. But sometimes we need to look beyond all the negativity and appreciate the things that we DO … [Read more...]