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Being Thankful for Your Life

When life is at a low, we often find it hard to appreciate what we have. We spend so much time wishing life were different, we get consumed with how life could be. But sometimes we have much more than we think.

A few days ago, I watched a video about a man whose story was so inspiring. Nick Vujicic, a 29 year old Australian, was born with Tetra-Amelia syndrome, the absence of all four limbs. He has had to go on living life despite not having any arms or legs.

For most, they’d feel their life was over. But this is far from the case for Mr. Vujicic. Rather than dwell on the cards he has been dealt with, he’s been playing with the ones he does have. Using the small left foot he was born with, he manages to play golf, surf, and swim; and also motivate others to believe that nobody can ever make you feel worthless.

And hearing such an incredible story made me wonder to myself. No-one’s problems are EVER trivial; something ‘small’ could mean something ‘big’ to someone else. But sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture. We could spend our lives wondering why things are the way they are, or we can do something about it.

For me, I could look at my life and wish that our financial situation were a bit better, or that my children’s learning difficulties were easier to manage; OR I could appreciate the roof that I have over my head, and the 3 healthy children that give my life meaning.

When I see such remarkable strength from someone whose life has been turned upside down, I realise that I should be thankful for what I already DO have. Because if Mr. Vujicic can be that motivated to do something with his life, I can too.

Thuy Le (formerly known as Thuy Yau) is a freelance writer and Youth Work graduate living in Perth, Australia. She loves to share her own personal experiences about overcoming adversity, as she believes that human beings are more capable than they realise. She writes to make a positive difference in the world and to inspire others to learn from themselves and their own experiences. Her writing has been discussed on radio, won writing contests, appeared on The Huffington Post UK and major Australian sites such as, SMH, Kidspot and Essential Kids. She has just completed her first book – a memoir - and is on the search for a publisher.

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