My Published Work

I write because I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

As a Freelance Writer, I am 100% committed to inspiring readers to re-evaluate the way they look at their lives. I want my writing to motivate others to reach their full potential.

The areas I specialise in are:

  • Personal Development/Personal Growth/Self-Help/Psychology
  • Parenting
  • Writing tips in general

Here are my credentials:


How People Who Lack Attention In Their Childhood Love Differently – Feb 2016
If You Have Forgotten How to Love Yourself, You Need To Read This – Feb 2016
10 Reasons Why Parents Should Treat Their Kids As Adults – Jan 2016
14 Things That We Shouldn’t Say to Our Partners Anymore (and What to Say Instead) – Jan 2016
12 Signs You’re A Sensitive Person That Always Attracts People To Talk To You – Jan 2016
12 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are
– July 2015
8 Things Successful People Sacrifice For Their Success
– May 2015
10 Sentences An Upset Person Doesn’t Want To Hear – April 2015
20 Reasons Why Having Young Parents Can Add Meaning To Your Life – April 2015

Not all women experience a joyful pregnancy – Feb 2015

Essential Kids
7 ways my relationship improved after having children – Jan 2015
6 lessons learnt from my language delayed children – Dec 2014
10 things I want my children to know – Nov 2014
10 reminders of why parenting is rewarding – Oct 2014
Why you shouldn’t compare your children to their siblings – Oct 2014
5 reminders that your children are growing up – Sept 2014
10 things my children have taught me – Aug 2014
When a child is overparented – July 2014
Why birthdays don’t have to be expensive – July 2014
Are we teaching empathy by example? – June 2014
When your family is struggling financially – May 2014
Are we doing enough to support parents’ mental health? – April 2014
Why comfort isn’t always the answer for sad children – Feb 2014
Encouraging children to ask questions – Jan 2014
When parenthood changes your own parent-child relationship – Nov 2013
The pain of a broken promise – Oct 2013
A brighter ending to child abuse – Sept 2013
I’m glad my parents were hard on me – July 2013
What my name means to me – July 2013
Disability or not, they’re still my children – May 2013

Essential Baby
How I learnt to be a better friend – September 2015
I’m a mum and I’m following my dreams – May 2015
Eight things every first-time parent needs to know – Jan 2015
How I learnt to relax about routines – Oct 2014
The simple way to support other parents – Aug 2014
Learning to be a less selfless parent – Jan 2014
How motherhood made me a better person – June 2013

Women’s Agenda

What I learned about confidence and success when I secured my first full-time time paid roles – November 2023

I’ve never had a full-time job, but I’ve learned five lessons about work – Sept 2014
Stop trying so hard, in life and at the office: Why less effort achieves better results – Aug 2014
Simple ways to stop procrastinating – March 2014


Purpose Fairy
10 Negative Things You Should Stop Telling Yourself Today – Jan 2014

Free Affirmations
Turning Negative Experiences into Learning Experiences – Jan 2014

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life
6 Ways to Open Your Eyes to Opportunities – June 2013
How to Live Life with Purpose – Oct 2012

The Write Practice

5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Writing From My Special Needs Children – March 2013
What Driving Can Teach You About Practicing Writing – Oct 2012

Karen Salmansohn’s Self-Help website
I Believe Our Mistakes Don’t Have to Define Us – March 2013 (writing contest winner)
Kind People Are My Kinda People – Nov 2012 (writing contest winner)

Writers in Charge
Why Being Intimidated By Others Can Hinder Your Success As A Writer – Aug 2012


The Huffington Post UK
Aussie Mum Network

Mums Lounge
Are You a Judgmental Mum? – Why Mums Need to Stop Judging Themselves – March 2014
Your Child Will Always Need You – Feb 2013
Why Being a Parent is Worthwhile – Dec 2012
7 Things Every Parent Needs to Know – Oct 2012


Graduate Case Study for Australian Writers’ Centre
Thuy Yau: From blogs to bylines – finding the confidence to succeed – Oct 2014

Radio interview with ABC Adelaide 891
Topic: When a child is overparented – July 2014

Radio interview with 4BC
Topic: I’m glad my parents were hard on me – July 2013

Named ‘Blogger of the Week’
Digital Parents – April 2013

Blog posts featured on Digital Parents
Being There at the Right Time – June 2013
You Don’t Have to be Perfect – March 2013
It’s OK to Make Mistakes – Dec 2012
You Are Never Alone – June 2012

Blog post commented on by Australian author, Estelle Blackburn & the wrongly convicted, John Button
Being Happy is a Choice – Aug 2012

Email interview with a journalist for her German parenting book
Kinheiten by Michaela Schonhoeft – June 2012

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