Seeking Closure: Is It Really The End?

Life is full of many great beginnings. Our first car, our first relationship, our first job. But like all great things, they eventually have to come to an end. We can't hold onto them forever. But how do we know if it's really the end? How do we seek closure & end that chapter of our … [Read more...]

The Fight Against Racism: Why We Are All The Same

Racism has always been a heated topic. We, as a society, yearn to live in a world where we are accepted for who are, not what we look like. But with the raging stereotypes, racism always ends up rearing its ugly head. But what if racism didn't have to exist? What if we could all learn to live … [Read more...]

You Will Be OK

It feels just like yesterday when I sat crying on a park bench. Tears were streaming down my face; I felt like I was alone. I felt far from OK. But little did I know, I wasn't alone. Far from it. I was one of billions of people in the world, going through the same ups and downs of life. I … [Read more...]

When Do People Deserve a Second Chance?

None of us are perfect. As human beings, we make mistakes; some of a trivial nature, some a lot more significant. But we make them. And sometimes these mistakes affect other people and we have to ask for their forgiveness. But what happens if someone else makes a mistake that affects us, and we have … [Read more...]