I’ve had many positive comments about the difference I’ve made to people’s lives.

Here’s what some people have said about ‘Inside a Mother’s Mind’:

Jess Willis, on behalf of her mother, Fiona Willis:
  • “I just wanted to let you know that I showed your blog to my mum because I was so impressed by some of the things you had to say and she said to tell you… She said she has been all over your site and she is so impressed with what you had to say and that she already knew that you were a great mum from what I had told her but she said what you have written is really beautiful.”
Krittin Kamolsirisakul:
  • “I read your blog post for the first time… I don’t actually read people’s blogs and all but yours was really inspiring… well I just wanna tell you that… keep up the good work.”
Daphne Simoens:
  • “I have been reading your blogs, and must I say…they are fantastic! They’re way better than reading a cosmo mag or psych book… these blogs are great when I’m feeling down. So keep them coming… you write so well!”
Daniella Trevena:
  • “I just read your latest blog and you’re SO right! … Your whole blog has made
    me feel a little better.”