The Kindness of Your Own Heart

Every day, you hear amazing stories about people who save the lives of strangers. You read about how they jeopardised their health, their safety, their whole entire life; to save someone else's. And as remarkable it is, you wonder to yourself how anyone could be so brave, so selfless; to care that … [Read more...]

It’s Never Too Late

A paediatrician once said to me: "It doesn't matter how your daughter's behavioural issues came to be, all that matters is what you do for her NOW". Those words have stayed with me for the past 2 years. I've always been someone who tackles problems head on. I like to seek out the cause of things … [Read more...]

Quality of Life: For Our Children

I am often asked whether I plan to expand my family further, whether I would like to "try for a boy". But for my husband and I, we are incredibly happy with what we have. There is one main reason as to why a family of five is right for us; this being the quality of life we want for our … [Read more...]

What It Really Means to Be a Parent

It is often commonplace to associate parenting with nappies, feeds, and the endless amount of toys. But there is so much more to parenting than that. For me, being a parent is about maintaining a child's innocence, while at the same time, shaping who they later become in life. I am often … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Love for Her Children

I never thought that anybody could make me so proud that my eyes filled up with tears. But my oldest daughter did just that today. Alisha, as you may have read in my advice, is a bit delayed in her speech and has been attending a Kindergarten especially targeted towards these needs. All the … [Read more...]

Age: Measure of Maturity and Responsibility?

Ever since I became a mother at 18, I've noticed how judgmental society can be purely based on your age. It is of the consensus that the younger the parent, the less mature and less responsible they must be. Most do not believe that a "child" can raise another child, as they do not understand the … [Read more...]