Supporting Others in Their Success

I caught some of my friends off guard today. They were unaware that I once had a passion for writing poetry and music, two of my favourite pastimes as a teenager. The even bigger shock to my friends was that I'd once auditioned for Australian Idol. As I smiled and reminisced about my attempt at a … [Read more...]

My “Instant Happy” Happiness Tool

A friend of mine once criticised me for being "too nice". She thought that I needed to change, otherwise I'd be taken advantage of one day. Funny thing is, it was actually being "too nice" that saved my life. In a previous post, I wrote about how I went through a tough time and believed that life … [Read more...]

Balancing the Fun & the Serious

I once received a compliment that made me laugh and smile. A classmate, who I'd only known for two weeks, made a rather blunt observation about my personality. Known for his smart aleck comments, he said to me, "You know what's really cool about you? You're smart, but you're not a nerd." Funnily … [Read more...]

Why It’s Good to Say No

I was never very good at saying no. I was afraid of the consequences. I wanted to please others. I didn't like the idea of confrontation. But as adjusted as I'd become in my comfort zone, this behaviour was never in my best interest. I was so focused on saying yes, I didn't realise why it was good … [Read more...]