Your Actions Matter

I had one of the most awful days yesterday. It started off bad and progressed to absolutely horrible. However, despite such an eventful day, I managed to go to bed with a smile on my face. I'll tell you how the actions of others led to this smile... The beginning of the day... I woke about … [Read more...]

Kind People Are My Kinda People

Everyday, we are given the opportunity to be kind to others. What we say or do, and how we go about it; could determine the way we make someone feel. Two months ago, I reached my heart out to a very dear friend of mine, and it only brought our friendship closer. Having sympathy for others One … [Read more...]

Why We All Need Each Other

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Someone once said something about me that I'll never forget. My friend and I were having a conversation about people who were emotionally fragile. Not sure about who she was referring to, I asked her if she meant me. Her reply: "No. I'm not talking about you. You're strong as. If something bad … [Read more...]